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About OPEN Puerto Rico

Welcome to OPEN Puerto Rico

OPEN Puerto Rico strives to find and publish governmental data and public documents.

Visit our new tool to review the Audited Financial Statements and financial health of each municipality. Visit the Municipal Financial Health Index 2014 here

With the intention of creating an informed citizenry and facilitate governmental transparency, the Center for Integrity and Public Policy (CIPP) has created OPEN Puerto Rico – a digital platform that compiles governmental data. We collect varied data, from statistics of criminal activity to birth rates. Said information is collected across governmental branches, including their dependencies and municipal governments.

The data we collect and publish is extremely important in order to evaluate the development and implementation of public policies, governmental performance, administrative efficiencies and deficiencies, and ultimately our country’s path. This data will serve as objective criteria for academic institutions, journalists, public employees and most importantly the general public to evaluate the impact of governmental policies. Our data gathering efforts are an ongoing process to ensure current, relevant and comprehensive data.

Armed with the data we provide, our users will better understand how our government works. The fundamental purpose of our efforts is to empower the populace and increase their participation in the democratic processes of government accountability and transparency. In this regard, we contribute to ensuring an informed and a civically engaged public.